The first Pekins were said to have been imported from China in around 1680.  They are known as a "True Bantam" meaning there is no large-fowl version.

The Pekin is a very gentle bird. They are good layers of small eggs but are broody, making them great mums. They make excellent pets for children as they are tame. They settle very well and require little space. Due to their feathered legs, they tend not to scratch around in flower beds so are good birds to keep in a garden. They are normally a robust and long-lived bird that loves company.

Pekins are round bodied and walk with a slightly forward tilt, their heads a little closer to the ground than their beautifully intricate tails which look rather like a bustle. This tilt is one of the main characteristic of Pekins.  They are very docile birds and if handled gently when young they will happily let you pick them up and pet them – they will sit on your knee or perch on your shoulder. 

Pekins come in a huge range on colours.  We have breeding groups of Lavender and Millefleur, but occasionally hatch other colours too.



See below for some fun facts...

  • A bantam breed, these birds are quite small, but their fluffy feathers can make them look bigger than they actually are!

  • They have feathered legs and feet, which makes them look like they glide along the ground

  • They generally only reach about 20-30cm in height

  • Hens weigh around 570g and cockerels around 680g

  • They lay well most of the year, taking a short break in the darkest winter weeks

  • Pekins love to be broody in the spring and summer and make excellent mums

Our Lavender Pekins

Our Millefleur Pekins

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