The Orpington is a breed of chicken named after the town of OrpingtonKent, in south-east England.  It was bred for superior egg laying while retaining meat quality.  This is also known as "Dual Purpose".   Its large size and soft appearance together with its rich colour and gentle contours give it an attractive appearance, and as such they are often used as a show bird rather than a utility breed. 


As Orpingtons are a large breed, you will need to bear this in mind when purchasing/building a coop.  They are, however, quite docile and seem happy enough semi-enclosed.  We keep our breeding group in a large covered run, allowing them to free range with supervision. 

Some Fun Facts...


  • A Large Fowl Breed.  These birds are big, but their fluffy, soft feathers make them look even bigger than they actually are!

  • A hen can weigh around 3.6kg

  • A cockerel can weigh around 4.5kg

  • Hens will lay between 175 and 200 eggs per year

  • Cockerels are usually docile and not too noisy

  • Hens love to be mothers and often go broody in the spring and summer

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