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Buff Orpingtons for Sale

Updated: Apr 11

As the breeding season comes to a close, we have some adult birds for sale. These were hatched here in May 2018, so are just over a year old, and have years ahead of them! They are of excellent quality breeding stock and have proven this with the many healthy chicks hatched from them this year.

Hens - £25 each - these have been running with a cockerel in our breeding group since the spring and as a result, their feathers are showing signs of wear & tear. They will re-grow beautifully. Hens are laying well.

Cockerel - offers - Harold is a stunning boy, but is just too much of a cockerel to free range around our children! He can be managed and is really a softie, but needs to go to someone with cockerel experience.

If you would like to arrange a time to view these birds, please contact us.

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